The good of this world and the next is with knowledge and the evil of this world and the next is with ignorance.

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The Five Pillars

There are 5 Pillars (actions at the heart) of Islam: declaration of faith, prayer, charity, fasting during Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca.


Articles of Faith

The fundamental principles of Al-Islam are the most important things in a Muslim’s life. Learn the six Articles of Faith.


The Qur’an

Allah revealed The Holy Qur’an to give us the knowledge that was needed to complete His Message.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Muhammed had a good heart, impeccable human character, and Allah chose him as the best example for humanity and his Prophet.


Islamic Education & Classes

Unlock the pearls of Islamic knowledge. At The Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford, we provide enriching learning experiences for all.