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Take part in our Ramadan programs and services to make the most of this sacred time. Experience the peace, serenity, and joy that Ramadan brings to our hearts and souls.

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Immerse yourself in the serenity and spiritual growth that our religious services offer. Join us for congregational prayers, inspiring sermons, and engaging programs that nurture your connection with Allah and the community.

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Unlock the treasures of Islamic knowledge through our comprehensive educational programs. At The Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford, we are committed to providing enriching learning experiences for all ages.

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For over six decades, we have proudly served the Islamic and greater Hartford communities. Founded in 1955, our center has been a cornerstone of faith and community. Our organization has deep roots in the vision of leaders like the late Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) and Imam W.D. Mohammad.
From our humble beginnings, we have grown and evolved, embracing the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the guidance of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Today, under the leadership of respected imams, we strive to foster unity, education, and spiritual growth.
At the Muhammad Islamic Center, we offer a range of programs and services that nurture hearts, minds, and souls. Join us as we come together in prayer, engage in Islamic education, and empower our youth.

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Youth Programs

Offering a range of programs and activities for youth to engage them in a positive and nurturing Islamic environment

These classes focus on teaching Islamic principles, values, and beliefs to youth. They may cover topics such as Quranic studies, Islamic history, ethics, and spirituality.

Empowering youth by fostering leadership skills, public speaking abilities, and community engagement.

Elevating and encouraging an active lifestyle with our vibrant sports and recreational programs, fostering unity and Islamic values.

Prayer & Location

Experience the warmth of our community, the serenity of our prayer spaces, and the richness of Islamic knowledge. Whether you’re seeking a place of worship, a tranquil haven for reflection, or an opportunity to expand your understanding of Islam, our doors are open to welcome you.

Prayer Times

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Asr (العصر): x:xx
Maghrib (المغرب): x:xx
Isha (العشاء): x:xx


155 Hungerford St, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

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Have any questions? We are happy to answer any questions about Islamic faith, our outreach programs and opportunities at and through MICGH.