City of Hartford

Clara Muhammed School

Muhammad Islamic Center and The Clara Muhammad School of Hartford Connecticut, are praying for the
abundant blessings of Almighty G-d, Allah.

Today appears to be trying times for Muslims, but Imam W. Deen Mohammed reminds us that this is a good time for the righteous. It is during these periods of challenge that we must focus on the future of our community. The future of our community is directly linked to the education of our children. It has been reported that less than 12% of Muslim American children receive or attend regularly any form of Islamic Education. How can we expect our children to care for our future if we are not preparing them effectively?
Many of us fail to recognize or want to acknowledge that our children are going astray due to the powerful
pulling forces of the secular world. Many of our youth are experimenting with things that are clearly haram in Al-Islam but are common place in the secular world. Muslim children are having children out of wedlock,
experimenting with drugs, falling victim to peer pressure and the false allurements of a media created fantasy hip hop culture. While all this is occurring many of us are just watching and using old methodologies to reach our youth.

While many of us are content with using old methods of education, our children are being challenged every day with modern technology and modern methods of persuasion. We must prepare new methodologies and concepts to motivate our youth. We must bring Islamic Education and Moral Islamic principles to life. To keep up with changing times, the membership of Muhammad Islamic Center of Hartford and the Clara Muhammad School has expanded their educational agenda.

Our goal is to bring together families, children and the community to provide a complete wrap around program for our children in the public school system. We want to develop a thirst for Islamic education, highlight the importance of independent and critical thinking, and promote moral excellence.

We pray that during our periods of struggle and transition we will be blessed to reach our ultimate goal, which is the establishment of a quality full time school. We pray that we are able to accomplish this in stages by developing a strong weekend and after school program. We will then add a pre-school program and then add grades appropriately. Although the process is slow, we believe Allah will bless us in the end with quality.

We pray that this educational roadmap connects our children and families with the tools and resources necessary to prepare them for the future and the hereafter.
We pray that as a community, you agree with us, support our objectives and join us in securing a strong future for Muslims in America. We pray that you will sustain your support for the continued protection of our children’s morality and encourage the growth of strong Islamic educational and sustenance programs.
In the upcoming pages, you will see an outline of the educational curriculum implemented in the city of Hartford.

Please review the curriculum and the educational programs to find your place within the community.

In Unity, Strength and Support
As Salaamu Alaikum