The Late Imam Nuriddin Faiz

Imam Nuriddin Faiz was the Imam of the Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford from 1977 to 1988.  He was appointed to that position during the transition period following the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975.  Guided by the wisdom of Imam W. D. Mohammed, Imam Faiz was instrumental in transforming the former Muhammad Mosque of Islam #14 to Masjid Muhammad of Hartford.  More than a mere name change, the transformation was both philosophical and ideological.  Going from the belief system of the then Nation of Islam to the universal message of Prophet Muhammad
(pbuh) was no easy feat and is a tribute to the strength in leadership that Imam Faiz brought to the Hartford community. His hard work and dedication helped to lay the foundation for the present-day Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford.


Imam Faiz was blessed to make the Hajj on three separate occasions:  in 1978, 1980 and again in 1986.  Over the years, he has represented Imam W. D. Mohammed at several international conferences.  In 1979, he was sent by the Imam to speak at an Islamic conference held in London, England.  He also spoke at conferences in Alberta and Edmonton, Canada.

Serving Allah & Community

Imam Faiz and his wife, Khalilah has also resided in the Baltimore, Maryland area where he assisted Imam Mutee Mulazim at Masjid al-Inshirah in Baltimore.  After that time he moved to the Tampa, Florida area where he was actively involved in the community of the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay.  He continued to faithfully serve his community throughout his longstanding illness and until his subsequent passing in September of 2019. May Allah SWT forgive his sins, reward his good works and bless him with jannatul firdaus.