The Late Imam Abdul karim Adabi

A passionate advocate for Islam and dedicated servant of the Muslim community. Born in Togo, Africa, he pursued studies in Arabic and Islamic Studies before coming to America with a mission to spread the message of Islam. As a key member of the Dawah Association, he utilized his linguistic skills to assist in hospitals and masjid activities, bridging language barriers. Recognizing the importance of unity, he co-founded the African Dawah Society, fostering harmony within the African community. Imam Abdul Karim Adabi’s commitment to interfaith dialogue led him to collaborate with various organizations, including Catholic Family Charities and interfaith groups, benefiting the broader community. He played a crucial role as an executive board member and shura board member of Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford, serving as Amir of international relations and resolving community issues. A dedicated fundraiser, he spearheaded initiatives such as the carpet and remodeling program, leaving a lasting impact on the Center. Imam Abdul Karim Adabi’s servant leadership extended to his roles as a principal of the weekend school and coordinator of Ramadan meals, ensuring the spiritual nourishment of the community. His untimely passing leaves a void in our hearts, but his legacy of love for Islam and dedication to serving others will be cherished forever.