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Weekend School:




The goal of MICGH weekend school is to prepare young Muslim students to become successful and responsible American Muslim citizens. This goal is achieved by educating young minds in basic understanding of Islamic values.
The school is held both on Saturday and Sunday from 1-:30 AM till 2:00 PM. School starts with a short assembly and ends with Zhur prayers. 2 one hour each classes are held with short break in between for snacks and to allow students to mingle and with each other. Hands on training is provided on how to perform ablution and how to offer prayers. Quran reading class is supported by Tajweed to improve correct reading. Meaning of the Quran verses ae also discussed in the class to help young students understand the true message of Allah swt.
Classes include:
1) Quran Reading
2) Tajweed & Tafseer
3) Basic Arabic
4) Religion
More classes will be added as more teachers are available.
Students are also encouraged to participate in youth group to further develop their social skills. Youth group is also engaged in volunteer activities to help improve the community. Youth group allows students to develop a strong peer support system and group of friends, with whom they share a common believe and value system, aspirations and sorrows, and successes and setbacks.
Future plans include starting evening classes to neighborhood students both Muslims and non-Muslims to help with their school homework